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Residents move

    Hangzhou Hsing moving service company was founded 15 years ago and gradually developed into moving company, Tianjin industry leading enterprises, employees have professional skills training, today to provide moving services by the majority of residents to the tens of thousands of users praise. I'm moving companies at the same time as providing office relocation, packaging, heavy equipment transport, warehousing, air conditioning and many other services

    service process:

    phone quotes → the moving time, location → according to user needs on time car truck → → → goods loading fee settlement

    service features:

    Tianjin Tanggu, Tianjin United moving and transportation co as a professional moving services company, with highly qualified staff, the team clean, guarantees product safety and provide a series of compensation measures.


    services, transport security.

    United moving company with more than more than 10 professional moving vehicles, 2 ton, 3 ton., 5 ton van met Super, super high, items such as gondola cars, less encountered small items available in Gold Cup, small models, such as