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Service project

Goods packaging

    a, United moving company product project service flow:

    after receiving the customer service phone, customer appointments, door-to-door service by professional moving consultants, according to customers ' goods and called for a detailed relocation plan, issued after the customer to confirm the programme e-quotes, communicate through email clients, before moving to packaging materials.

    such as: cardboard, adhesive tape, labels, markers è field operations. Commanded by professional supervisors oversee the entire moving process.

    field operation includes: site split goods packaging, transport, new packaging, packaging materials cleaning steps è è customer acceptance fees.

    b, United moving company product project service features:

    each customer has moved consultants before they moved door-to-door service, designed according to the customer goods and moving programmes;

    vehicles on time on time in place through text messaging platform is informed in a timely manner of relevant information;

    take care of floors, walls, Elevator, to packaging to protect it if necessary;

    employees to dress neatly, into Indoor shoes;

    furniture, sofas, pianos, refrigerators, painting, packaging, kitchen items, "plastic containers", and packaging to protect the plate, Bowl, Cup, to provide professional clothing hanger;

    the classification of all goods packing, with a label to indicate the source (such as living room, master bedroom, kitchen, drawer and a cupboard), to the new site by in-situ (or customer demand) put in place;

    the whole moving process without the customer hands.

    c, service: good service, comprehensive, convenient, safe and hassle free, rest assured.