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Summer vacation and have to do with moving companies

    said summer and moved company has what relationship, this also really has relationship of, put summer has, service to children school deliberately moved to children near, good care children, to has June children are participate in finished tests entrance has, they and to began moved back, "things too more has we also moved not moving, General are is find moved company, in children are exam of Qian days we are in attention find moved company, like is newspaper Ah website like of, such to easy many! ”

    June or July of each year is to move the company's business most productive season, from the beginning of June the college entrance examination, examination of the end of June, a large number of students who completed their studies have left for home, a large number of articles is to find moving companies to check and go home, find long distance moving company in the field. Yumin Wang of the moving company in Beijing said, "this time of year, our business phone was always ringing, 60% students call the Advisory, 20% is the parent order, also 20% is a normal resident of moving the phone. Almost every train car, the business volume reached full saturation, and many sections are booked for three or four days in advance, this situation lasted until September all the time! ”

    yumin Wang with the moving company said, "from June to September, the three-month period, our volume of business is three times more than in other months on average, although the weather is very hot, but the workers ' enthusiasm is very high. Over the years, we have been very concerned about the hot social phenomenon, has been serving in the front of the moving industry, for the needs of customers in the shortest time to provide first-hand service, this is our mission, we have been carrying out, and has been followed up. ”