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Move lets you move more comfortable manual trilogy, rest assured

    considerations for 1, before I move

    you need to contact us before moving outside the moving company (of course recommend professional moving in XI ' an, you need to do is add your items to carry the disassembled, it is best to pack water indicating the packing paper items, one for your new home you can know where is what and avoid clutter. And we know things do you want to be cautious.

    If you can't Pack, or no wrapping paper, XI ' an, you contact us before moving companies need to make clear we need to pack.

    2, we detail

    now that you in many moving companies choose our Xian moving company then you are on our trust, we promise to give you the most satisfactory service. But in general handling of taboo is in the process of Porter's "shout." If you have a particularly valuable or special care items you can especially told us. You may rest assured that our team is trained in handling work, and has 10 years of experience in moving in XI ' an.

    for both your home and new roads need to be informed in advance before moving company, moving company sent a car. Our company has a number of different models of trucks and vans. Your home if there are path, if we do not know, sent a truck, is not conducive to moving. Need to increase the labour force.

    and placement of items for you on your new home needs to be aware of, so that we can not only help you put in place, save the effort of carrying things on your own.

    3, and moving company transfer problem

    moving company cooperation is needed with the formal signing moving contracts. You can have any demand contract stated. Note 4 when signing up, XI ' an, in General moving company will have large furniture location services; free to your home to estimate prices; whether the moving company offers free demolition services to the moving company that needs to know; also note, moving company garbage is charged separately, Oh!