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The how to do in case of rain moving

    weather, nobody knows when it will rain, who also does not want to move on a rainy, so in case of moving rain we should do?

    1, home appliances, home appliances are more important, and electrical equipment once the water surely bad, the situation is serious, may be directly written off! That everyone should know! , First of all, still covered with plastic wrap, and then use the tape, to avoid infiltration of water! And then in the box, and finally wrapped in carpet!

    2, rainy day moving furniture maintenance and care! General furniture are is wood business of, so to prevent moved process in the rain, certainly as are has rain has, that on not said has, best prior prepared good compared big of plastic cover, if no, can in Xian moved network to purchase, or is to you by found of Xian moved company purchase, then again with carpet package up, General moved company are has carpet of, such on is good of protection has furniture, not let furniture rain, caused loss!

    3, normal moving company will ask you which day to move, try not to put it in when it rains to move, move networks move guides in XI ' an, we can refer to, if the sudden rains, will lead to serious losses to us, Xian moving company is not a good thing!