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Newly married after January for moving

    after the wedding for moving? In we national has most people in every wedding or moved of when are about Feng Shui, some people to moved also specifically find some fortune teller to is, some people to check Xian moved company which home good also needed everywhere about, actually these problem you are without everywhere about hungry, today festive moved network on put with some problem all of told you: best is married zhiqian moved don't married zhihou moved, in recent years many people in town buy House, then home married this on involves a moved of problem, This way not only in keeping with the local custom the 1-month moving there is no taboo.

    himself also moved has many home, company are is free help moved of, on in 2009 early, I prepared May 1 Shi left Xian home, has prepared dry finished last several months on farewell this city of I, suddenly think except this copies work no what care of, at on wants to with this is I in Xian of first copies work is last copies work has's, but all are just in brain in Hoang has about does not into reality, Boss know that I quit my job I am looking for a someone to replace me, but also my day in Xian started moving companies often use some of the website above find talent, found a few interviews. Because this time the interview made me spell playing in XI ' an, in an interview met now husband Xian native to the core.

    I is one field nationality of Xian people, 2005 I University graduated has been in Xian playing spell at no wants to had to left in Xian has been wants to with in Xian efforts years earned points money back Lanzhou home open shop of, but days not with people may, 2006 I in Xian find has a Xian moved company work, certainly just is responsible for received phone can scheduling, on such began earned I life in the of first barrels gold, that when Xian moved company also is compared less of, So says business is good and I'm relying on college education boss is also very good, I like it slowly moved the industry and worked for 3 years in the three-year moving in the course of work.