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Company moved points

    there are two main companies moving, including the move of the warehouse and office space to move, the following moving company to move you office space in XI ' an experience, for you to provide some XI ' an in Office space in the process of relocation moving services, experience and direction of the recommendations:

    a week ago to communicate with building management unit, determine the number of elevators can be used and the alternate application for elevator use, in case the lift failure causing work delays.

    General Office is very much in the papers, so be sure to Two-Five-reduction work before moving. Exceeding expiration date or not worthy of preservation information while the relocation as soon as possible may be disposed of. So not only can reduce the amount of cardboard boxes, good management of documents. (Mandatory item Qty, reducing the carton, and improve efficiency. ) Items in the Office than at home a lot more, especially the statements, documents and other materials, for avoid missing removal, should be well in advance for better integrated planning.

    residences and company transfer is different, whether in planning, finish packing, positioning or moving line, there are considerable differences. If the company is large, the removal process may take hundreds of cars, and the smaller but also dozens of cars, so the integrity of the advance planning, it should not be overlooked.

    many large Office most with heavy decoration, so decoration progress can timely moved company phone completed, on relocation has major of effect, past often met decoration job cannot by progress completed, that delays relocation date, even in relocation day also in worked decoration of situation, also Shi has smell; so not only caused relocation job efficiency poor, then increased relocation costs or caused both displeasure, so supervision decoration engineering can in relocation Qian completed, Is the first priority of office moves! To other considerations, and following moving companies for you to do a little sorting, XI ' an, for your reference:

    • enterprise should move two weeks ago, relocation operations task force soon, and prior discussions.

    • planners responsible for relocation should be in 10th plan in the Office configurations, positioning in advance, each unit of data cabinets, Office furniture, cardboard boxes ... And other items, must be colored cards and Ming positioning, name and registration number on the card, so that timely, complete and correct positioning operation and inventory.

    • early inquiries, purchasing packaging materials, for lack of time can be.

    • best in the 10th before active contact telecommunications unit to determine date of phone calls, so as not to move in conditions cannot be used, affecting the normal operation of the company.

    • make sure water is water, electricity.

    • a week ago, arranged for relocation relocation and transportation lines in the order of the items.

    • food and beverage sourcing should be collected in advance, so as not to move into the new building, delayed dinner because of unfamiliarity with the environment.

    • the day before, information desk, drawer of the Cabinet must be locked. If unable to lock must be fixed with adhesive tape, so that it will not slide to ensure transit safety.

    in addition, private photos and information desk under the glass should be removed beforehand packing, so as not to lose.

    company's move is one of the more complex work, only with their own power is difficult to achieve, whether it's own initiative or helpless, moving companies are likely relocation options.