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Five lessons of moving

    recently, I moved, and I took a week off, but I should have at least a month off to deal with this matter.

    experts say bereavement and divorce are among the most difficult to deal with two things in life, than move after both.

    from this move, I summed up the five lessons. After moving me in these five standards process conducted a test result score is-five "d".

    lessons: don't move until at least carefully and fully consider do not move easily.

    unless the mobilization of a job or change jobs, or moving can result in financial impact should be fully assessed, and to improve the existing housing situation in terms more cost-effective.

    repair costs can be high, especially if you plan to install expensive furniture and kitchen appliances. However, the relocation costs are often higher, this is not to say paid to Xian movers packing and transport costs will be so high, mainly because of the sale of the old House and buy a new home incur transaction costs are too high.

    House for sale Commission of price of 5% to 6%, plus the cost of mortgages, taxes and a series of other charges. If you do not move, use home equity loans to fund renovation, little effect on daily expenses.

    in addition, some factors not decided: schools, places, transportation, infrastructure, and so on. Of course, if the housing is not enough, and that the only solution is to move.

    lesson II: discard unused items

    unless you live in existing homes for less than a year, or more than 95% people are better at finishing the House, otherwise unwanted objects will gradually increase, accumulate into a terrible number. This constitutes the second reason not to move.

    of course, you can take these items in a yard sale. However, sell some money, might make you spend the time and possible for the costs incurred in obtaining such permits is worth the candle.

   , you can consider these items to donate to a local charity, after all, that may be made at fair market value tax deduction. Also consider paying for charity, please send someone to help clean up. I get 5 people, I spent a whole day in the basement of the time, not only did they finish, the fair market value of the goods is registered, for my future in the report a tax deduction information.

   , of course, some things that made it difficult to give up, but nostalgia is best not beyond the scope of family heirlooms, photographs and old toys. There is a choice of standard: in addition you think outside the priceless, useless things as long as a year, you can throw away or donate it.

    lesson three: wrapped by the delegate.

    although their packaging can save a lot of money, but not necessarily able to save trouble of loss. Removal companies are not their packaging items, not normally guarantee transport to keep the status quo. Therefore, results of one package may be threw a watermelon.

    large family, object, itself could take several weeks, which prolongs the time of living in boxes and bags. Hire package can finish in a day or so. So, be sure to dial out of the proceeds from the sale of existing homes to $ 2000, let someone else take on the headaches of packaging tasks.

    However, the delegate package does not mean that you can let go no matter what, or you'll like my case, plastic plates covered with plastic foam neatly, apparently to protect his head.

    lesson four: the transfer of public services

    utility and smooth transfer of the postal and telecommunications services today aren't much of a problem. Most telephones, gas and power companies have their own Web site, to cut off the service and then allow users to log in.

    transfer of water and sewer services are usually in home sales, and purchased part of the deal. However, after the relocation to a new city, went to the City Hall to register the best, anyway, there are other matters to go there to do, such as garbage removal services and pet licence.

    for cable TV and satellite TV installation, it may be necessary to wait until after the new House.

    lesson five: clean and disinfect

    sellers of houses, usually only clean the housing, means that all clutter and clean. For the seller, this was remarkable, because they don't have too many obligations. For buyers, however, only clean may be enough.

    before the moving trucks arrive, if we can advance or hire people to clean new home, especially with walls or carpets to be cleaned, it is ideal, but because the closing date reasons, may not have the time to engage in this work.

    one way is, negotiate with the buyer after closing again in the old House for a few days, so that you have time to clean the new House. It may make you pay a few days rent, but being able to have a fresh start in new, after all, is worth it.