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Secrets of perfect scam moving companies

    moving company Yulong mixed character qualities are not the same, as the saying goes what big bird has dark, every profession is so, we can only try to move the company's fraud revealed, in order to better ensure that your interests, we will continue to publish stories and trash companies trick, I hope you can be warned. Following is a small series of finishing a deceived mind.

    move I believe we will have. Shady of them known only to the people who have taken.

    today, I'll print some of these unscrupulous moving companies please do not be deceived.

    (details) moved to find a moving company, I rushed stairs stick in the new home of the masses move phone 029-********. I only know when a phone call then payment got screwed. In order to find the best at the lowest price of the moving company. My phone for the price of one by one. Phone is very detailed. Car 188 Yuan. 388. Cart 388 Yuan. Labor costs 40 Yuan per person. Moved 3/f asked not to add floors charge more because I chose the cart + 2 workers, in accordance with the budget should be 388+80=468 I can move well.

    (hoax began), the phone has good price. Guaranteed no additional charges. Specifically told to find good workers. Be careful not to damage items. Is an appointment the next day at 9 in the morning to move away from something. About 9:30 A.M.. On the phone. Move the car to the door. Altogether 5 people got off. Was good 2 people is enough. One document for you. Told you: "Okay boss talked to you yesterday. Because it is a big something. So take two people to come over. But the price will not be overcharged. Is a 2 person price. Mainly want to help you better. "I think so since no overcharging. It would matter. And then give you a list. Say your name phone. Let your signature. Note that this documents the opposite side there are a lot of articles. But he did not show you, let you quickly check signing moved earlier, I took a look at. See also under floor. Also raised objections. Said. Did you not good yesterday. Signed early to move it quickly. Finally signed off guard starts to move. Thing you can pull out of a car. They deliberately flat on big-ticket items. More seats. A load of stuff in two cars. So they can make more money.

    things better. Start checking out. Foreman came out of the list. Cost of negative rules are on the floor. Workers are paid 40 yuan/hour per person to move 5 people 2 hour salary 400 charge 20 3 on each floor. Disassembly and Assembly of the air conditioning to 901. Wait no. Overall doubles. There are included. It comes to 1280 Yuan, so you won't pay for them, of course. The boss to call yesterday on the phone. Phone is opened. Boss is away on business. Turn off your cell phone. Unable to find who left the field with a few hooligans shouting, talked about yesterday was 468 cart plus 2 workers. Now how is 1280. Ethics with them. Forget it. ... Boss tell you that 468 Yuan. Why don't you ask him to help you to move. Thing is that we moved. Workers so much. Fees are charged according to their standards. Say there is some swearing to fight. These are their usual tricks. There's a call you sign documents. Fee said to be above you agree to sign it. Speechless. I finally chose to leave the rest of the family bargain with them

    workers in moving costs 40 Yuan/person. 2 people turned out 5 people 40 yuan/hour per person. Oral promises no Club fees and other miscellaneous fees. Are after. Shuawulai. Boss didn't answer the phone. Dead men tell no tales. Noisy barks. Finally hate bargain family presented 980 Yuan. All because I signed the fraudulent documents. Feels like the wrong kind. The clamour of scold you blind. Write do not know the words. Writing is very clear ...

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