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How to reduce moving anxiety

    with the city's development, improvement of people's living standard, more and more families are moving, moved in, people are too busy, this that, once renovated the House, what time is the next move, these things tend to be decided by the adults. But there is one important thing, overlooked by a lot of people, that a child on the move "right to know".

    people's security needs are met, life is stable and pleasant, and any lost sense of anxiety. For example, to send their children to nursery schools, some children cry or scream about why? It is a sense of unfulfilled and separation anxiety reactions. Because young children left the closest parent, leaving the familiar home and came to a new and unfamiliar place, he did not secure. Experienced parents before that, taking children to kindergarten, familiar with the environment, meet the teachers, reduce the sense of strangeness to reduce children's anxiety.

    after the family suddenly moved, especially a family from a one-bedroom apartment into a bedroom, children and their parents, some sensitive children prone to anxiety reactions, such as bed-wetting. Why is that? This is to leave a familiar environment, come to a strange new place, people will have some separation anxiety, the anxiety has very shallow, that is people's ability to adapt to the new environment is different. After the move, some children have a sense of loss, fear, child was gone, no one played, no place to play, so prone to some behavioural problems.

    how to reduce anxiety about moving? When you move to a new place, it is best to collect some information around the new environment, understanding neighbors, try to familiarize themselves with the new family situation, good to see if there is a proper little company, and then, take the initiative to explain to the children that things move, tell the children the reasons for moving. Prior to the move, with children first to see a new House, to introduce children to their new home and the surrounding environment, then moved past, children already have a sense of familiarity, not wander without a trace.

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