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Company and residents moving differences

    company is different from ordinary residents to move, we need to consider more complex issues, such as:

    1, looking for Office space: needs a lot of Office Space Agency and Office sales people. Go through looking for buildings, building, negotiation, contract, property, and several steps.

    2, a large design and decoration: decoration decoration bid, study the drawings, the renovation process to the site to do the actual survey, improvement after the inspection, repair, maintenance and service.

    3, Office furniture: according to decorating compartments in the drawings and seating layout as well as the budget decides what kind of furniture for the new Office of the company:

    buy new furniture, old furniture, out of some old furniture may need to go to the second-hand market according to the design drawings of all old and new furniture in advance concrete placement, removal, transportation and installation of office furniture.

    4, Office equipment: according to the demand for new Office, decide whether to buy new or used equipment, whether the disposal of old devices.

    5, phone, network system: after the move is working properly will have a direct impact on the business operations of the company, so be sure to do: find a telecommunications service company to help you get all the problems associated with telephone systems, including switch machine, a new telephone line applications, voice mail applications, old telephone line to cancel.

    6, weak current wiring: according to the company, can make the decoration company or phone network services company to do it.

    7, all of the items sorting, packaging, handling, and then finish.

    8, also many other preparations: relocation of the company's license changes, notification of release, inform all employees to the new Office of the seat and the new extension number.

    9, moving the follow-up work a lot: the telephone, the smooth transition of the network system, cleaning, security, landscaping, etc.

    10, new offices surrounding a deep understanding: understanding the new Office environment, and inform the staff in advance Note: includes traffic, bus route services such as restaurants, banks or in places of entertainment distribution.