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Move can't afford not to know common sense

    characteristics of every trade has its own breeding culture, company relocation is the same, there are many in the outside world is thinking of the common practices, summarized for you below:

    1> automated service, ensuring peace: to be active automatically: 1 cut for the sake of customers, meet all reasonable requests of customers. Of goods without damage, lost customers, moved to transit in Guangzhou, handling and ensure that customer safety.

    2> happened, don't knock and don't touch: ready to customer care, gently, don't knock and don't touch, use a rug to fragile items, furniture, home appliances and other parcels, separated.

    3> precious objects, double heart: using rational trade doubled having moved for Guangzhou to customer's valuables, such as piano, computer, household appliances.

    4> proper code, vehicle laden with reasonable code customer's goods, in against traffic laws, and ensure that safe conditions, vehicle laden, safe driving.

    5> accurate and efficient, the line is reasonable: in statutes that were not against traffic conditions, in accordance with customer requirements of traffic lines, customers when there is no requirement or do not understand the line should be better route.

    6> neat, polite and civilized: moving companies movers should be wearing suits, shift leader wearing leader logo. Customer terms civilization and courtesy.

    7> discipline, honesty and self-discipline.